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RAM and ROM are both types of computer memory, but they differ in their characteristics and applications.
28 Apr,2023 867
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Chipsmall 26 May,2023 36
Electrical circuits are controlled by relays, electromagnetic switches that frequently enable low voltage signals to turn on or off higher voltage circuits. Relays are very adaptable and are used in a wide variety of electrical equipment, including industrial machinery, automobiles, and aircraft.
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Chipsmall 26 May,2023 27
Choosing the right electronic components is crucial for the success and reliability of any electronic design. An error made in the component selection can cause serious damages up to an extent of thrashing and disqualifying the entire design and the product.
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Several technologies are used by IoT to link the digital and physical worlds.
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Chipsmall 25 May,2023 37
Electrostatic field meters are useful for measuring the static charge on surfaces in a wide range of applications, including electronics manufacturing, cleanrooms, and industrial production processes. They can be used to detect potential electrostatic discharge hazards that could damage sensitive equipment or cause safety risks.
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Chipsmall 24 May,2023 30
An RF receiver is a device used to extract information from radio frequency signals. Its principle is based on the propagation of electromagnetic waves in the air and can be captured by an antenna.
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Chipsmall 23 May,2023 65
IC pins refer to the metal legs or connectors on an integrated circuit (IC) that allow it to be connected to other electronics components. The number of IC pins can vary depending on the specific IC and its intended purpose.
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