How to use electrostatic field meters

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Electrostatic field meters are useful and versatile tools for solving static problems. Static charging problems are challenging to diagnose because the source of the charging often is at a different location than the observed sparks. A field meter can identify locations where the static charge is high. It can display the polarity of the charge, which helps identify the source of the charging. A field meter also can provide a quantitative estimate for the amount of static charge. Measuring charge and tracking the level through a process is a good way to find the source of static charging. It works by using a probe that detects the voltage potential of the electrostatic field.


The probe consists of a metal plate or wire that is connected to an amplifier circuit. When the probe is brought close to an object that has an electrostatic charge, the charge induces a voltage in the probe. The amplifier circuit then amplifies this voltage and converts it into a readable value on the meter display.


The unit of measurement for electrostatic field strength is volts per meter (V/m), and the meter display typically shows the measurement in this unit. Some electrostatic field meters may also have audible or visual alarms to alert the user if the field strength exceeds a certain level.


Electrostatic field meters are useful for measuring the static charge on surfaces in a wide range of applications, including electronics manufacturing, cleanrooms, and industrial production processes. They can be used to detect potential electrostatic discharge hazards that could damage sensitive equipment or cause safety risks.


Electrostatic field meters are used to measure the strength of electric fields in a variety of applications. Here are some common uses of electrostatic field meters:

In electronics manufacturing, electrostatic field meters are used to detect and measure static charges that could damage sensitive electronic components.

In cleanrooms, electrostatic field meters are used to monitor the static potential of surfaces and materials to ensure that they do not cause contamination or damage to products.

In industrial production processes, electrostatic field meters are used to detect and control the buildup of static charges that can cause sparks, explosions, or other hazards.

In research labs, electrostatic field meters are used to measure electric fields in experiments involving charged particles or high voltages.

In health and safety applications, electrostatic field meters are used to assess the risk of static discharge in environments where flammable or explosive substances are present.

Electrostatic field meters are an important tool for ensuring safety, quality, and reliability in a wide range of industries and applications.

Electrostatic meters

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